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Your Third Division

One of the questions we get often is what is this “Third Division” thing you talk about?
Let’s begin with a bit of history: decades ago, Jeff had a client that ran a small business. He was managing the investment portfolio for her. Over coffee, he asked “How are you?” Pretty common opening questions, right? Her answer caught him off base. She said “I feel like I’m either running three companies or have three bosses. I have my family, which is my priority. You help me with my investments which is the second. But I also am responsible for the employees which have been with us for a long time. There’s only so much of me…” They spoke for a long time, about her and the business. As Jeff relates it “She actually ran three divisions before I came on board: her family, her investments, and also her business; he still remembers how happy she was to delegate the investment work. Out of this discussion, came the beginnings of what became ALM Advisors.
Many of the business owners, who come to us, really love their businesses. They love every aspect of them, and believe they are the best teacher of each area of the company. What they don’t factor in, is success.
If you are going to run a business, you have to learn to give things up. You can try to do it all, but after you’ve reached a certain point of success you must delegate roles and duties.
We assist clients in the delegation of work and by introducing companies and individuals that specialize in specific areas of small business management (such as accounting, law, sales and marketing). We use our same analytical skills to analyze an investment in a company, and provide those insights to the business of our “owner-clients.” Our process is similar to a coach helping you to lose weight or become better at a sport. The first change can seem intimidating. Please take note; I said “change” and not “changes.” We only suggest changing just one aspect of a company at a time. After a few adjustments, they often wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. It’s like a financial chiropractor!
There is more to our suggestions than this short piece. If you’d like to know our process in better detail, please click here to set up a call with us. There are no cost to you from the call.
You are now at the point where you have one of two paths to take. First, you can skip the call and likely still be where you are now in 2018. The second choice is to make the free call to us and hear our thoughts.
We look forward to hearing your voice and your choice.