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The Ten Percent Idea

Why Ten Percent?

We sit on the shoulders of those before us. Our mentors, our parents, our friends all helped us get to where we are today. Gratitude for their gifts is important. In our case, I was inspired by Tom.

Here at ALM, we have encouraged clients, partners, employees and vendors that you are given by what you add – above and beyond. Our business is founded on helping certain types of clients. It is appropriate that we “pay it forward” in gratitude to those who have placed their trust and assets under our care.

TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie set an example of business filling a need.  He did a superb job, in both building his company and giving back.

What may surprise you is we race a sailboat against him every Wednesday, here in Los Angeles.  He has a great boat and crew.  He’s a tough competitor.

He has inspired us in many ways – including our pledge to give ten percent towards women’s financial education and other needs.