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Absolute Retirement

We are believers in the idea of Absolute Retirementsm. So much so we trademarked it. Allow me to tell you a story. Years ago, I was visiting a client in North Dallas. I was in the Perot Systems building, and while waiting for a cab in the lobby, another person came up and also began...
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Wild Mustangs, Stocks and Beauty

This has to be one of the most beautiful horse videos I have seen. Make sure you watch it in high resolution on a good monitor. It captures a fathers need to teach his son of what he knows best, while acknowledging it is still his son’s choice. Horses and stocks have more overlap than...
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An Intended Vacuum?

We have discussed the Balkanization process we see unfolding, over the last five years. It is a reaction to globalization reaching its limits of penetration, and a partial retreat to regional political-economic concentration. Today’s focus is on the planning, and perhaps instigation of this trend. Regulatory and financial restrictions have increased, as the US government...
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Stock Thrown A Curve

  ALM focuses on the hidden clues the bond markets tell about stocks. Just like a wildlife tracker, the clues are in the broken relationships they leave behind each day. You cannot see the animal spirits directly. They are hidden behind a wall of privacy. The most valuable of the clues is the shape of...
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Making Her Bones

  Federal Reserve Yellen followed up with further remarks to her first recent appearance as Chair. She is growing into the part, yet still finding her “center of the spotlight” voice. While these comments did not grab the markets attention, they illuminate the learning curve that all Fed Chairs go through when they assume the...
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Back to Old Times

Janet Yellen made her debut today. Her performance was excellent. She appeared to have a reasonable case of jitters in her voice which left by midway through her prepared remarks. While the world is analyzing her policy comments, let’s recall the human side of her and her new role. If you closed you eyes and...
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Europe’s Gossamer Thread

The US is beginning to engage in a greater degree of central planning, beginning with health care. Asia has two concurrent experiments: Chinese authorities are trying to broaden internal consumption, in an attempt to absorb the excess manufacturing capacity that used to go to the developed western nations, while also playing with fire in their...
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When an Unstoppable Force (Germany) meets an Immovable Object (France)

The German export machine is – at present – an unstoppable force, especially when it has the full backing of the country’s banking and political support. France, as is so apparent by the collapse of confidence in the Hollande administration, appears to be unable to move away from a state-reliant economic system. Which one is more likely to adjust,...
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The Odyssey of Ben

Chairman Bernanke will soon have to choose between the monster Scylla (unemployment) and Charybdis whirlpool (inflation)*.  These are the dual mandates of the US central bank;  other countries have a single mandate, such as the ECB’s sole target is inflation. For those readers outside of the cult of the Federal Reserve watchers, it is useful...
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Lemonade: Why a blog now?

Why a blog now? We’ve been asked “Why start a blog now, with the millions already out there?” During many conversations with clients, we go over economic and financial concepts which are complicated. Some clients have observed the financial language used by many (including us) has gotten to be overwhelming. This took us by surprise,...
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