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The History of ALM Advisors

ALM Advisors, Inc. was founded in 1995, with the goal of offering non-traditional institutional research and portfolio management techniques for income portfolios.  At the time, investors appreciated the idea of Storm-Tested Investment Management.

The firm’s founder, Jeffery Rollert, believes that a better approach to investing comes from bringing ideas from all areas of science and art.  His academic background in economics and psychology grew over thirty-plus years to encompass behavioral economics, quantitative portfolio risk modeling,  with a deep retail and banking industry understanding.  The firm prefers to hire other professionals with multidisciplinary backgrounds.

Our mission is sustainable income. Our Mission Statement refers to portfolios which generate real, after tax income that is likely to outlive a client or their spouse.

Since our founding, we have suggested using any asset class (which generates income) in creating portfolios.  These include not only coupon paying fixed income securities, but also preferred and common stocks, all types of bonds, partnerships, and other niche investments.  We define success as meeting – or exceeding – a client’s income needs over long periods of time with a non-traditional management approach.

ALM is entirely owned by employees, and is not affiliated with any bank or brokerage firm. We believe the only way to consistently provide independent advice is to be owned independently by employees.