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Founder’s Message

I have been competing in the world of ocean sailing since the age of eleven. The beautiful dynamic of youth leads you to believe you are invincible, that nothing can go wrong. I learned early on that we are not invincible and that making the wrong move can have dire consequences, potentially damaging a very expensive boat and posing a risk to human life.

These experiences taught me the importance of protecting principal first. In a world that values winning at all costs, I learned that trying to get there first is not always the best choice. I discovered there is a delicate balance to risk and reward both in managing portfolios and racing sailboats. Finding that balance is critical to protecting your hard-earned wealth and enjoying the opportunity to leave a legacy.

Among competitive sailors, the first rule of racing is to return with boat and crew safely to shore.  The second rule is to win the race.

As the founder of ALM, be assured these guiding principles remain the basis of every investment decision we make.


Jeffery Rollert
Managing Director, ALM Advisors, Inc.


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