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The Three Most Common Questions

There are three questions that come up:

1) Can I retire?

2) Do I have enough to retire?

3) What should I be thinking about, prior to retiring?

What is interesting to us, is not just the idea of what is behind the question, but how it is asked.

For example, the first two questions are yes or no questions.  They are really not the correct phrasing.  What the speaker is really asking is “Should I retire?” and “Should I have more to retire at a given lifestyle (i.e. spending level)?”

This is important.  Many people are afraid of the answer.  For the majority of people who come into our office and go through our process, the answer to #1 and #2 is yes.  These people are in a situation of what we call “employment-optional.”  Someone who is “employment-optional” may still be working, either for themselves on a hobby, part-time job, or helping a friend.  However, they have happily left working for a large company as a full time employee.

We can give you a basic idea of where you stand on retirement, by going through the beginning of our process which can be found here.  After you have answered these questions, then the real individual advice begins.

So if you’d like to see the results of some basic calculations, without getting into actual individual advice, click here for our start page.